The Service We Provide

Sweet Pea & Roses

What? … Annie arranges flowers in situ to create an entirely natural effect.  The service includes disposing of old arrangements in your green waste, cleaning vases and replenishing each week, or as necessary.  You have less stress, no mess and can enjoy fresh flowers in your home – at least until sold!

When? … Arrangements can be provided for photographs taken for promotional material, if required, or in time for the first ‘open for inspection’.  Delivery thereafter is as needed; usually on a Wednesday for mid-week inspections, or a Friday for weekend openings.  It is possible that flowers delivered on a Wednesday could last for three open houses, or you may sell earlier than expected, in which case arrangements do not need to be replaced each week.

Annie will liaise with you the day prior to going to markets, generally Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, to assess your upcoming needs.

Which Flowers? …   Annie selects hardy, seasonal flowers, e.g. lilies, orchids, natives and tropical blooms over those with a shorter life span and purchases flowers direct from the markets to ensure absolute freshness. She also provides individual maintenance tips to extend the longevity of arrangements and minimise the number of deliveries necessary.

What Containers … All vases will be sourced and supplied by Annie where necessary to complement designs for the duration the property is on the market.

Access … Mutually convenient delivery times or an arrangement for collection of keys to gain access to the property can be discussed at the initial consultation.

For more Information … Contact Us and take a look at What You Have Told Us.

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